Lueck is currently WORKING ON A MUSIC VIDEO FOR HER MOST RECENT RELEASE DANNY while continuing to develop and perform original music LIVE IN + AROUND NYC.


Heavily influenced by folk and rock of the 1970s--an era she came to love through pillaging her father's vinyl collection--her music seamlessly blends sounds of the past with the present. A world traveler and award-winning filmmaker, Lueck has a passion for perspective. Her songs eschew standard pop form in favor of a more poetic stream of consciousness, energized by the roads she’s walked and the people who have shaped her experience. With guitars that jam and solos that hit, her soulful voice floats above and below, drawing the listener into her calm force. 

Lueck originated in the business as an actor/singer and found her way into directing/producing by means of creating her own material for personal reel footage. Through the process of creating these microfilms for self-promotion purposes, she discovered a real knack for directing and development, from inception through post-production. She is a natural leader with a strong, cinematic vision behind the camera and ease in front of the camera. Lueck believes in films that bring sharp attention to everyday life, creating evocative moments out of seemingly banal details. 

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“With hints of '90s alternative and West Coast '70s folk rock evident in the band's instrumentation, LUECK creates an atmosphere of longing and introspection without being too esoteric." -Ethan Ames, The Deli Mag

Streetwannabes Radio on and Brooklyn Beat on Radio Free Brooklyn.

"With jamming basslines and rhythmic punk guitar, evocative lyrics and knockout solos, their debut double single builds on a foundation of folk sentimentality with the drive of 90s grunge and kickback vibe of 70s rock." - Harness Magazine

"Why do theater when you can do film? Why do film when you can do theater? Why do one when you can do both? Why do both when you can do VR? Director Dan Hasse and director/actor Taylor Myers are an ambitious pair of artists based in New York City who grappled with these pressing questions at length before finally coming to a conclusion. The answer? Just do all three." - No Film School

"...capturing the raw energy of the play’s dramatic structure was key to perfecting the film. 'The lynchpin was this sense of energy, speed and truth to the whole experience. We wanted to make it feel like we were following every aspect of the characters, capturing the emotions and making it all feel real.'" - Teradek

"I feel both firmly inside and outside the play…when performed so well, there seems to be hardly another story that can better encapsulate our desire for greater knowledge of the mysteries of the human condition." - Craic Magazine