Short Films



An experimental short intertwining two sides of one insomniac's psyche as they meet in nightmare.
Filmed in association with The Creative Mind Group while in attendance at the 2017 Sundance FIlm Festival.  


WINNER "Festival Award: Best First Time Filmmaker" 9th Annual Columbia Gorge Int'l Film Fest.
WINNER "Global Impact Narrative Award" 2016 Global Impact Film Festival in Washington D.C.

A 'slice of life' short following one young woman's peaceful face-off with depression, suicide and pregnancy.

pw: lueckscreenergo

I've Lost My Taste For Yogurt

WINNER "Best LGBTQ Film" 7th Annual Short. Sweet. Film Festival

an LGBTQ+ film adaptation of a poem exploring the moment you taste something distinct
and are snapped back to a vivid memory, all the images and associations with it.

pw: yogurtplease

Collaborations & Microfilms

Late March

ACCEPTED: 2016 Cannes Court Métrage, Cannes Short Film Corner

A cinema poem in collaboration with Matthew Gasda.

A quick slice of me, and little bit of what I do
Creative Mind Group Application, Sundance 2017 - with help from Anthony Delluva.

"are you working today?" "no it's my off day!" "I'm coming over."  A commemoration to summer and friendship and a good ol' day off.

Media collaboration with Startup KnowMe.

Comedic web shorts